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Creating and Maintaining A Colby Website

These documents are all new and under heavy editing. Email if there are issues.

Helpful Information

In all of the documentation I use domain names that follow that Mattifesto domain naming policy. It's an easy to understand policy and glancing at this document before you get started my be helpful.

Mattifesto Domain Name Policy

Ubuntu 21.04

Web Servers


Ubuntu 20.10

2021_04_22 Ubuntu 21.04 has been released and all of the Ubuntu 20.10 documents will be replaced with Ubuntu 21.04 verified documents.

Step 1:

Create A Local Network Web Server

Create An Internet Web Server

Step 2:

Create A Brand New Development Website

Create A Private Development Website For An Existing Repository

Create A Private Test Website For An Existing Repository

Create A Public Test Website For An Existing Repository

Moving A Public Website To A New Server

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