Conundrum: Best Web Server OS? Apache Or FreeBSD. Best Web Development OS? MacOS. LAMP! FAMP! MAMP!

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Today I started waffling and decided FreeBSD may be dying and started working with Ubuntu again to host Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Am I FAMP or LAMP? We don't know yet. There are things I really like about FreeBSD, I just need to make sure it's going to stick around.

But on the development side, everything is pointing using MacOS in a MAMP style situation because life is so much easier that way. The most solid argument for this that I used to run my home web server on VirtualBox and Parallels at different times and ended up at MAMP. I have to admin, I understand why that happened.

The MAMP situation is so comfortable that I can't recommend anything else right now. So we'll start there and make changes for the better as we move forward together.

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