Developing Your Way Into A Software Development Black Hole And Working / Coding Your Way Out Again

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Sometimes you start coding a simple bug fix, but then notice that something related needs to be changed, so you change it.

Then you notice something else related needs to be changed. This might be too much, but you don't want to forget it, so you change that too.

Then there are five more of those.

Then you slowly work your way back to a state where you can run the tests, commit all the code, and release a version.

The question is: Is this good or bad behavior?

It's usually bad because part of your job as a software developer is to create a series of simple steps to complete your tasks.

But sometimes, it's okay, because everything isn't perfect. I just always question myself and know when to put on the brakes. I have reverted code and restarted, or I have continued, depending on how things are going.

Building your ability to manage these situations is part of being a great software developer.

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