Rumor: MacOS Big Sur Is Dropping Some Unix Support, We Web Developers May Use Virtual Linux Servers

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I've been hearing rumors that MacOS is going to remove some terminal features in MacOS Big Sur. What I've heard is that things like PHP is not upgraded and people get a warning about it and that it will be removed from MacOS in the future.

I don't have time to install Big Sur but the truth is that while using the PHP built in to MacOS is kind of convenient, it's also kind of a pain. I would rather be using the latest version of PHP that my website host supports. This kind of functionality is supported on Linux, and I can use the same Linux as my web host as well.

I've also thought about switching we hosts for a few reasons and moving toward a Linux model would help with that, too.

I already have Parallels Desktop Pro and I actually used to use it to run Linux web servers, so the whole concept of this is not new to me. Web development needs to be made easier, but relying on MacOS is not an effective way to do that. So actually, using Linux is more appropriate to the path I'm on.

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