Ubuntu 20.04 Developer Web Server Setup on VirtualBox (NOT Parallels or VMWare) on MacOS Big Sur

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I spent the day working toward creating a development web server virtual machine on VirtualBox on my iMac which would very closely match a production web server virtual machine I would create on DigitalOcean.

One goal is for the development and production environments to be nearly exactly the same.

Another goal is for the skills required to maintain the production web server to e the exact same skills practiced while maintaining the development web server.

Currently my development environment and my production environment are very different.

In recent years I have used Apache, PHP, and MySQL running on MacOS as my development platform. I've worked this way for years but in many ways today felt like the first day using a virtual web server, even though it is definitely not.

It appears that you have to install Ubuntu with the "default" networking and then move to bridged networking once the install is complete.

I'm using VirtualBox because Parallels has a bug related to bridged networking and I've read that VMWare does too. VirtualBox does not.

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