Pre-Website Creation Domain Tasks


Before you get started you will need to know or create the following domains which are required to create a new website.

Web Server Domain

This domain was created when you created the web server. Web server domains have the following format.


This will produce a server name that looks something like this.

This is an (i)nternet (t)est web server and the 8th web server to be created for my organization. My server domain is

Server Specific Website Domain

This domain is used to set up a website and when needed use to access this website on this exact server. For production sites, this domain is redirected to the primary website domain most of the time.

Server specific website domains add one name before the web server domain. For the Mattifesto website, it would be something like this domain.

Once you have determined the domain you should create a DNS CNAME record pointing to the web server domain. -->